Syrex Corporation

Syrex Corporation is a duly organized private corporation established under the laws of the Philippines in 1983. Our corporate office, located in the business district of Makati, is the sole distributor for both Scantron (formerly known as "Pearson Education Data Management Division") and E-instruction products and services in the Philippines. Scantron Corporation, headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota and Irvine, California, is the world's largest manufacturer of specialty data collection scanners and solutions. E-instruction, based in Denton, Texas, is the leading manufacturer of audience response systems and interactive hardware.

Syrex Corporation, in turn, provides for the total solution needs of large scale data management in the Philippines. At present, we have supplied over 200 Optical Mark Reader scanners and interactive hardware to more than 200 satisfied customers, both in public and private sectors, nationwide. Our lists of clientele include but are not limited to: Department of Education; Professional Regulation Commission; Review Centers in Nursing, Engineering, Architecture; Pharmaceutical Companies; Private and Public Universities.

Our facilities provide hardware, software, in-house technical support and OMR Scannable Forms designed and customized based on client specifications. While the hardware or scanner is derived from our American distributor, all other aspects of support are available locally through Syrex. Our in-house engineers and programmers have rigorously trained in the United States to provide superior after sales service and maintenance in software and hardware. Our printing facility in the heart of Pasig City, on the other hand, is dedicated to the printing of OMR Scannable Forms exclusively for our clients. As a company, we strive to provide you with the highest standards of measure through our products and services.

From small to large scale data management solutions, our company is adept in providing your organization with the most efficient and cost-effective methodologies in achieving your goals. Our products and services have been use in the areas of:

  • Government (Census Bureau, Government HR, Military, Police Force, Certification Examinations);
  • Education (Department of Education, Regional Education Board, Entrance Examinations in Universities, Local School and Classrooms);
  • Commercial (Customer Satisfaction and Market Surveys and Product and Service Evaluations); and
  • Healthcare (Patent Registrations, Lab Test Order Entry, Medical and Medication Evaluations, Patent Satisfactory, Disease Control and Report, and many more).
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