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CPS Pulse™

Supports numerous question types for greater insights into student performance.


  • 140 Character Text Entry
  • Question Types: Multiple Choice, Yes/No, True/False, Multiple Answer, Numeric
  • Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Up to 150 feet wireless range
  • Student Results Screen
  • Compatible with CPS Spark™ and vClicker
  • ExamView® certified

Strengthen engagement, participation, and instruction.

CPS™ student response systems are used by millions of students and teachers in more than 600,000 classrooms. Keep students engaged and involved in class with CPS Pulse™. Facilitate greater student-teacher interaction in a fun, dynamic learning environment that encourages class discussion and participation. Students who normally remain silent in class now answer every question with confidence.

Complete assessment support.

Perfect for all types of assessments big and small.

  • Supports multiple-choice, multiple-answer, yes-no, true-false, biomodal, ranking, and advanced numeric- and 140 text-entry capabilities for flexibility in test writing and delivery, including types used in math and science.
  • Offers state-of-the-art radio frequency protocol that provides easy and reliable plug-and-play connectivity.

Instant student performance reports

With eInstruction's CPS Pulse™, teachers instantly receive robust reports on student performance via the CPS™ software. It also provides the data needed to teach, assess, and re-teach all within the same lesson.

View the reports you need

CPS™ offers 26 different report types to help educators identify strengths and weakness anywhere in the education process. These areas can even be addressed during the same lesson. Educators can immediately breakdown and analyze data through these reports based around individual students and lessons, the entire class and assessment, and performance on state and Common Core State Standards content.

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