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The INTERWRITE®PANEL combines the advantages of an LCD display with the simplicity of using a pen-input device. Whether you're teaching a lesson from a podium or a desk, the INTERWRITE®PANEL allows you to add annotations and life to your material, while continually facing your students.

Ideal For:

  • Teachers who wish to interact with students for increasing their involvement in developing courses.
  • Teachers working at the central computer and want to send information to all students at the same time.


  • It has a touch-screen display, connected to the computer and projector, on which the interactive pen has a very high precision.
  • Teacher provides the opportunity to come up with annotations directly on the screen over the course support; it no longer requires teacher moving to the board. It can be used to teach interactive lessons from the desk or on a podium.
  • Interwrite Workspace ® Software offers access to a library of digital images, simulations and lessons with 50 work tools for creating, annotating, displaying, saving, recording and transmitting the lessons by e-mail.
  • Efficient management and control of all applications and programs on the computer with the interactive pen.
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