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OpScan® 15


The OpScan 15 optical mark recognition (OMR) scanner offers fast scanning and data capture. Good for large quantity of sheets.


  • Optical mark read (OMR) technology
  • High-speed document transport up to 10,000 sheets per hour
  • Automatic feed up to 750 forms
  • Open feed path design
  • Three output stackers holding 750, 200, and 50 forms
  • Processor controlled picker and multiple sheet detector
  • Active deskew station

When coupled with ScanTools Plus scanning utility software, you can develop scanning applications with ease. ScanTools Plus requires no special knowledge of programming languages. It is menu-driven, using wizards to guide you through the steps of developing an "application definition." With it you can maintain files and define scan forms–plus scan, edit, store, validate, and display data. The software can also convert files into commonly-used formats required by other software packages.


  • Transport printer prints alpha/numeric messages, batch or serial numbers, validation flags, scores, etc.
  • Bar code reader
  • Limited visibility read head (blue and black ink)

Forms Compatibility

The OpScan 15 accommodates either NCS Mark Reflex® or Trans-Optic® forms between 3.25" x 7.5" and 9" x 12" in size

"Ready" Button for Operations

For added convenience, operators can choose to start or stop the scanning process via a key on the processor keyboard or a single READY button on the document transport.

Minimal Maintenance

The OpScan 15 scanner allows access to the roller assemblies and read heads so they can be periodically cleaned and paper dust/chaff removed. Reader performance is constantly monitored and specific reasons for halts are immediately displayed to the operator.

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